The Watershed Approach

Our goal at A Woman’s Touch is to create a Watershed Approach to landscaping. Crucial to the benefit of our environment, the gardens we design contribute to sequestering atmospheric carbon. In addition, they prevent water and air pollution, while restoring your groundwater table and healthy soil life. PLUS, the native and climate appropriate plants we choose attract essential butterflies and insects.

The Watershed Approach consists of 4 components:

  • Building healthy living soil
  • Capturing rainwater as a resource
  • Selecting local, climate-appropriate plants
  • We use highly efficient irrigation methods

The Watershed Approach uses the same principles as an Ocean Friendly Garden. The Ocean Friendly Garden program run by The Surfrider Foundation and is dedicated to reducing ocean pollution. Studies suggest the 65% of the ocean’s pollution comes from urban runoff. To learn more about Surfrider and Ocean Friendly Gardens, click here