Aromatherapy Garden

uses the power of scent to help us relax, revitalize and to promote well being

Aromatherapy uses the power of scent (Rose, Lavender, Chamomile) as well as the therapeutic essential oils to help us relax, revitalize and to promote both physical health and mental well being.

Potpourri recipe:

Petals of 40 strongly scented roses
Handful of lavender flowers
Handful of lemon verbena leaves
Handful of mint leaves
Handful of calendula and delphinium flowers for color
A few cinnamon sticks
1 oz ground nutmeg
1 oz whole clove
1 oz coriander seed
4 oz orris root powder

Dry the roses in an airy place away from bright light. When dry, store them in an airtight jar. After 5 days of drying, dry the other leaves and flowers and add to the roses. Add the spices, and the orris powder to the dried flowers and leave for 4 weeks in a covered bowl, stirring occasionally. Add salt to keep moisture out if necessary. Freshen with rose oil as needed.